April 15: Mellow Ride, New Route

April 15, 2008

An all new Mellow Route Today
Thanks to the new leader of the quick spinners ride Ted Bonetti, we are having an all new route for the mellow ride. Even I have not been on this route, so I hope we do not get lost. Ted also has posting ability to this blog, so you may see more info on rides posted here now. Hope to see you this evening at 6pm.

[Route Sheet Here]

Special Thanks to Kevin
Kevin Kozar lead last week’s ride in my absence. It looks like he lead a great ride. I really appreciate that!

Ride Details
The Whine and Dine Rides start at 6 pm on Tuesday in front of Summit Bikes in Los Gatos, CA. After the ride we go out for fun and food at Una Mas in Los Gatos


Going off the grid

September 19, 2007

I will be back around October 9, 2007.

Happy Cycling and Blogging!