Mellow Ride July 29th

Hi Everyone, By request, we will ride Overlook and Sheldon. See you at the Summit Bile shop today at 6pm.
Overlook/Sheldon Peach/Ojai, Overlook
(OLS – 675′)
approx 14 miles approx 13 miles
Start Summit Bikes
R Main St.
R University
L Farley Rd W
R-L Jog @ Winchester
To Daves
R Hwy 9 Saratoga-Los Gatos
L Montalvo (Regroup)
L Piedmont (Regroup at top)
C/L Piedmont
R Mendelsohn
R Hwy 9 Saratoga-Los Gatos
R Ridgecrest Ave
L Beck Ave (Regroup)
R Hernandez Av
R Wissachickon Ave
R Overlook Rd
L Sheldon
U Summit of Sheldon Rd
S Sheldon Rd
R Overlook Rd
R Wissachickon Ave
L Pennsylvania Ave
R Bayview Ave
L W Main St
End Summit Bikes


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