Mellow Whine and Dine April 15th 6pm

The first Whine and Dine was small but successful. Next Tuesday will be another shorter route due to an early sunset. We will ride Peach Hill/ Ojai and Overlook. Thanks to Michelle for supplying the route sheet.

Peach/Ojai & Overlook
(PHO – 990′, OVL – 680′)
approx 13 miles
Start Summit Bikes
R Main St.
R Santa Cruz
L Hwy 9
L Mendelsohn
L Piedmont
L Peach Hill
X Summit
L Glen Una
R Glen Una
R Hwy 9
R Austin Way
R Lancaster Way
L Matilija Dr
L Ojai
L Greenwood Lane
R Greenwood Rd
R Path to Deodar Lane
S up Deodar Lane
L Whithey Rd
R Beck/Hernandez Av
R Wissachickon Ave
R Overlook Rd
U Summit
S Overlook Rd
R Wissachickon Ave
L Pennsylvania Ave
R Bayview Ave
L W Main St
End Summit Bikes

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