Whine and Dine Mellow August 28th

August 27, 2013

We are headed into the last month of rides. September 18th will be the last one. We will also have a Multiple Sclerosis Waves to Wine fund raiser raffle drawing with all proceeds going toward the MS Society.

This week, we will ride Kennedy-Shannon and Half Hicks. This is Kennedy-Hicks-Shannon. A very pretty ride that is not over-the-top. But, it has VERY strenuous options!


Mellow Whine and Dine August 21st

August 20, 2013

Lets tour the neighborhoods by doing the Lollipop ride.  Make sure you print the route sheet because this ride has lots of twists and turns. See you all tomorrow.

The Lollipop Ride

Whine and Dine, Aug. 15

August 14, 2013
Villa Montalvo Ojai Short Option [PDF Route Sheet Here]
This route can be bit confusing for the directionally challenged (like me.) It takes cyclists up Villa Montalvo, Peach Hill and Ojai.

Hi Everyone,

We will ride Montalvo Peach hill Ojai tomorror night. Please print your own route sheets.


Mellow Riders August 7th

August 5, 2013

It feels like weeks since I’ve been on my bike (Probably because it has been.) Reynolds and Shannon/Kennedy, 5 LM/M. Please print your own route sheet, although you already know it by now.