Whine and Dine Ride, June 26

Summer Solstice 2011 riders on Pierce.

Summer Solstice 2011 riders on Pierce.

On a very hot Summer Solstice 2011 ride a group of cyclists stop and pose for a quick photo on a combined LM-MB Mellow Quick Spinners Whine and Dine Bicycle Ride.

About the road rides

I will be there for this ride and it will offer ACTC ride credit.

The plan is for two options, both will be social. Mellow option will do some easy sixes, and may try some harder fives at an LM-M pace. QS option may do very challenging hills at a quicker M to MB pace. Route sheets provided on-line, on the blog, and a few on the ride. Meet at Summit Bikes, Main Street in Los Gatos, across the street from the Los Gatos Library. Rain or intense heat cancels. Burritos after. Be there around six-ish (I get off work at 5,) we roll around then. Typically another cyclist will lead the Quick Spinners option.

Please print a route sheet if you want one!

Mellow Options

The mellow ride will be ridden in two groups.

  1. Group one is the Mellow-LM, nobody left behind group! The Mellow-LM group that will only do part of the ride.
  2. The second group – the Mellow-M group – will ride separately, faster and further with separate regroups!

Both options will follow the same signup and route sheets.

The Lollipop Ride <- Route Sheet Here
Kathy Buck first led this ride once when I was gone. It has a fun ride with twists, turns but I think no rated goats. Try it, you’ll like it! [Map of ride]

Quick Spinner Option

Quarry Redwood Gulch <- Route Sheet Here
Quarry / Redwood Gulch 24.5 m, 2100 ft (aprox) with some very steep climbing.

Mountain Bike Ride

Do not know the status of this.


Do not know the status of this yet. But, I do not think there will be a hike today.

Alcohol and Los Gatos Whine and Dine Rides

Please note: Any eating of burritos and/or possible consumption of alcohol will only occur after these Whine and Dine rides. Consumption of alcoholic beverages, including possible brewskies, will not be occurring on the ride, only after! Please drink responsibly.

Other things whine and dine

Want to be able to subscribe to the latest Whine and Dine news? You can even get it delivered to your phone! Check out the Whine and Dine Ride Twitter Feed:


Also, there is a whine and dine ride group on Facebook.


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