Saturday Ride: September 3, 2011

Another Saturday Ride!

Coleman and Winfield Park and Ride. Note, there was a recent car break-in in this lot. Parking options include parking elsewhere and meeting in the lot, riding your bike from home, meeting at the bathrooms of Almaden Lake Park or parking at my house and leaving at 9:10. Leaving from my house extends the ride to about 50 miles.

ACTC Members DO get credit for this ride! Ride Starts at 9:30 a.m.

Willow Springs/Llagas Rd. (About 42 miles) <<<— Route sheet here in PDF format!
Forty-Two-ish miles. Do not expect good food or water stops before that. This ride features lunch at a great end of ride location, Tacos Al Pastor; my new favorite burrito and beer place. Bring adequate water and food to sustain you for about nine tenths of the ride. You will have an appetite by the lunch that comes near the end of the ride. Please see Expectations for Special and Longer Rides (below).

PACE: Average speeds, assuming the ride is all on flat ground with no wind. LM/M Easy Moderate 13 to 15 mph. If the ride is going faster than that and it is too fast for you, please ask the ride leader to slow it down!

408-359-STEV (7838)
Three Expectations for Special and Longer Rides

  1. Please do not come on the ride expecting to be accommodated if you cannot keep the pace. These are social rides but they are listed at a certain pace with the expectation that the riders on the ride will be able to maintain the pace through the entirety of the ride. If you cannot keep the pace you may be dropped. That said, you have the right to complain and expect that the ride will not get out of control. If it seems the pace is being pushed please ask the ride leader(s) to bring the ride back to the rated pace.
  2. Please do not come on the ride expecting to be accommodated if you have plans to be back at a certain time later in the day. Most of these rides are planned as social day-long events. Unanticipated flats and head winds can happen and cause the ride to go longer than expected. We do plan to be back in a reasonable time and commit to being back by dark. We plan on multiple breaks and regroups. There is no commitment to a certain time to be back. If you need to be back early, please make your own plans to do so.
  3. Please look at the route sheet and decide before the ride if that is a route you want to follow. The route is the route and if you want to follow another route please make your own plans to do so.

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